Tanvir Bhupal

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" I Negotiate The Very Best Real Estate Deals for people looking To Move In and Out of The Greater Vancouver Area. Through Extensive Research and Meticulous Attention to Detail, I help you MOVE FORWARD Confidently, with Ease."

I specialize in the Purchase and Sale of Residential Properties in The Greater Vancouver Area.
“Relationships over Transactions” is my mantra and fundamental belief. I achieve this by putting my clients above all else. My client deserves: Honest, Transparent Advice to make their own decisions. This means having been advised on all possible outcomes regardless of the interest of any other party. Negotiating the very best deal for you is my ultimate goal, and I use every piece of information available to achieve this objective.


  • I promise to ask you “How honest do you want me to be about your property in today’s market"
    I will give you my honest assessment of what your home is worth, in today’s market. I won’t list at a higher price and then reduce after I get the listing signed. If you don’t like what I tell you, Good. Sometimes the truth hurts, but is neccesary to move ahead.
  • I promise to disclose all my relationships in the transaction.
    If I am representing both parties in our transaction, I am legally obligated to tell you. However, there are other kinds of relationships that may influence our business together, so if you’re thinking of buying my mother-in-law’s house, I’ll tell you that too.
  • I promise to respect your Financial Planning
    Of course, I earn more money if you buy a $3,000,000 house instead of a $2,500,000 house. But if the $2,500,000 house is clearly best for you, I will respect your choice and work hard to complete the deal successfully.
  • I promise you full discretion with regards to your information.
    During the course of our working together, you may share personal, financial, and other confidential information with me. I will not disclose this information to anyone, nor will I use it to gain any kind of advantage in a transaction.
  • I promise to present you with ALL properties in your price range.
    Some Realtors may try to steer you toward their own or their company’s listings. I’ll show you any property that meets your needs, regardless of who has the listing. I will show you any property that meets your needs. This will include properties that I have identified beyond the MLS through my 7 other forms of search.
  • I promise to introduce you to my array of credible professionals. 
    I deal with lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, contractors, tradesmen and countless other professionals on a regular basis. I can give you solid recommendations about these matters, if you need them.
  • I promise you my professional integrity at all times.
    Real estate is a competitive business. There are offers and counter-offers that go on during the purchase and sale process. I will present reality to you step by step during the negotiations so that you can guide me to present your position within your comfort limits and not encourage you to go beyond your comfort level.
  • I promise to explain thoroughly what you’re signing.
    Any real estate deal involves a substantial amount of paperwork. You’ll be asked to sign several documents and I will explain them all step by step in detail until you are absolutely informed and comfortable. I won’t rush you so that you feel you don’t have time to read through the paperwork.
  • I promise you full disclosure with respect to myself and my services.
    I’ll provide you with information about my background, my brokerage, and my experience as a Realtor. I won’t make any false claims. I’ll discuss my financial interest (fee for service) and any other benefit I might receive as a result of our doing business together.
  • I promise to follow through and follow up.
    Listing your house is a very small step in the big picture of getting it sold. I’ll openly discuss exactly what you can expect and my process along the way. Communicating with you on a regular basis I will share any and all relevant information in a timely manner. After we close the deal, you can count on me keeping in touch to make sure everything is still great!
  • I promise, whether buying or selling, to harness the full resources of the Faith Wilson Group (“FWG”)..
    Beyond FWG’s years of experience and success, these resources include, but are not limited to, FWG’s exclusive list of prospective sellers, FWG’s unique list of prospective buyers ,FWG’s worldwide liaisons, FWG’s award winning web-centric strategy and FWG’s proven marketing- presentation-negotiation system.

Here’s a little about me...

I come from a background in hospitality, and have been a licensed Realtor since 2011. When I’m not working, I enjoy being outdoors, playing tennis, golf or Skiing in the winter. I love cooking and entertaining friends and family. I am newly married and look forward to starting my own family in the very near future. I speak English & Punjabi very fluently and have a good understanding of Hindi and Urdu.